Our Current
Each cell in our body is made up of electrically charged molecules that create a unique and specific “electrical current” that makes each cell work in harmony with each other. When cells are working in “resonance” together, all functions occur smoothly with the least amount of effort.

The Body’s Wifi
It has been shown by quantum physicists like Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia, that cell communication in living things takes place at a deeper level than the molecules with the aid of electromagnetic alternating fields – much like our body’s own “wireless” information network. In each cell, more than 100,000 pieces of information is exchanged per second!

Sources of Fields
Historically, the source of electromagnetic fields comes three sources: the electromagnetic field of the earth’s core consisting of 64 key trace minerals (known as the YIN signal); “Schumann” waves from the earth’s surface (known as YANG signal) and solar frequencies from the sun providing biophotons. Biophotons are the basic substance by which metabolism and detoxification is controlled. Together, this electromagnetic “information” from our surroundings control the processes of regeneration and healing in each cell of our body.

Using specific pulsed magnetic field treatment unique for each person at a given time, the creation of harmonic “resonance” in the body allows for increased oxygen to cells, increased cell metabolism and circulation creating optimum detoxification.

Increase Effectiveness
Therapeutic remedies can also be transported unhindered into the cell using bioresonance treatment in order to create a healing effect.

“All energy is electromagnetic in nature, and nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. We are all familiar with the electrocardiogram (EKG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) tests, which measure the electromagnetic activity of the heart and brain, respectively. When electromagnetic activity ceases, life ceases.

Electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. Disruption of this energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, and if our cells are not healthy, our body is not healthy, in whole or in part.”

– Dr Pawluk, drpawluk.com

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