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I am continually learning of “new” environmental threats to our health in the products that we use for our personal use.

Over the years, I have found that there are many “natural products” out there that are filled with hidden ingredients that are not even close to being natural or good for you! In my search for products that I feel are safe for myself and my family, I have come up with a select number of items that I choose to endorse for their safety and effectiveness. To save some “legwork” for you, I have made these products available through our online dispensary. Let me know the ones that you like, and any that you continue to seek so I can fine tune my offerings!

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Our wholesale products are available only to licensed professionals who have previously registered with us.

If you are a registered complimentary medicine practitioner, we are pleased to offer our comprehensive selection of herbal tinctures, aromatic waters, sun-macerated oils and creams in our online catalogue.

Products Offered:

Skin care: Suki (

We like Suki’s philosophy – the founder says, “I will always search for the latest information as well as hidden truths & untruths, helping us become more knowledgeable & able to demand the very best for ourselves, our families & our environment.” She sounds just like us! Suki® clinically-proven natural solutions® is the first & only synthetic-free cosmeceutical solution that integrates advanced technology with clinically proven results. Each product is tested to work in unison with your skin, delivering a clear, youthful & healthy complexion. Our “evolutionary skin care scienceTM” philosophy grew from my mission to develop a completely new way of formulating skin care – immersing high potency natural cosmeceuticals in synthetic-free bases. Suki’s product integrity is backed up by their organic innovation labTM & hold to the highest standards in manufacturing, ingredients, packaging & shipping – all with a positive impact on the environment & quality of life in mind.

Personal Feminine care: Organyc (

Natural Source Epsom salts: (

Did you know that most epsom salts available in Canada are byproducts of the chemical industry and contain significant traces of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium? Avicenna Natural Products is a BC-based distributor that is dedicated to bringing high- quality natural products to Canadians. Natural Source Epsom salt is extracted from an ancient underground deposit in Europe. This natural Epsom salt is one of only a few natural deposits in the world and is recognized for its exceptional purity. The fine crystal dissolves quickly for a truly therapeutic bath. When using Natural Source Epsom Salt, you can be assured you have one of the finest, uncontaminated, chemically pure Epsom Salt available. This natural mineral deposit contains a multitude of beneficial minerals along with Magnesium sulphate, the main ingredient in Epsom salts which detoxifies as it soothes aching tense and tired muscles.

THORNE Organics Personal Care Products

Thorne Organics formulations are made with certified organic, GMO free, and gluten free ingredients formulated especially for sensitive skin. Thorne Organics products are made from the finest certified organic essential oils, resins, and botanicals, selected for their matrix of complex antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes. Thorne’s personal care line includes: unscented or citrus shampoo and conditioner; soaps; manuka hand cream and lip balm.