Our Physical Body

The first level of healing that most of medicine is focused is the physical body. The second level is our energy body. It is a bio-electric field that houses meridians, chakras, or the nervous system and creates feelings such as anger, fear and joy. Diagnostic tools that detect this level are thermography, kinesiology, ECG, MRI, X-rays, and CAT scans.

Our Mental Field

On the third level is our mental field. It houses conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that make up our “will”. The mental field affects both our physical health and energy field. Thoughts trigger emotions and other energy body changes, which in turn trigger changes in the physical body.

How Illness Becomes Chronic

Chronic illness is a conditioned response to an insult. The factual memory of the traumatic event is “coupled” to a specific autonomic and biochemical stress state. Whenever the memory of the event is recalled, the identical state is induced.


Mental Field Therapy (MFT) is a healing technique developed by Roger Callahan PhD. The goal of this treatment is three-fold:
1) to bring traumatic events from the past into consicousness
2) to uncouple the effects of traumatic events from the autonomic nervous system (the “automatic” part of the nervous system that determine’s our level of safety)
3) to replace limiting beliefs with liberating ones

The Technique

MFT consists of tapping a series of points on the head and torso with all five fingers of each hand. It is a simple method that “uncouples” the traumatic memory from the stress state in the body. This process is called “mental switching”.