Every woman wants to be healthy and feel healthy. But, in our fast-paced, high-stress society, that goal often eludes us. Maybe it’s the aging process, we tell ourselves. Maybe I just need more sleep and vitamins…?

At Maya Natural Health, we believe that good health is achievable.

Living a healthy, balanced life and feeling well day after day can be a reality.

Volume One:

Whole Foods – All Supplements Are Not Created Equally // 25:26

Volume Two:

Managing Adrenal Health With Natural Medicine // 61:50

Volume Three:

Insulin Balance – Sweet Surrender // 39:15

Volume Four:

Thyroid Dysfunction – No Get Up & Go? // 36:14

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Volume One – Whole Foods

Volume Two – Adrenal Health

Volume Three – Insulin Balance

Volume Four – Thyroid Dysfunction

Hormone Balance

This audio-visual series entitled, “Women’s Natural Whole Body Hormone Balance” is designed to improve your understanding of the hormonal system as a whole.

Hormones work in symphony with each other to correct imbalance, so adrenal, thyroid, pancreatic and ovarian health all count. Our hormonal balance is profoundly affected by immune and nervous system health as well. It is really not so amazing that all our body systems are connected and affect each other!

Bev attempts to simplify these intricate hormonal connections so you can get yourself on the road to balance and harmony, leading to vibrant health.

Bev as an Educator

As a clear and enthusiastic communicator, Bev has a passion to educate people about how natural medicine can improve their health and help them find physical and emotional balance.