Bev Maya has written on many topics in the field of natural health. Here is a sampling of her articles.


Note: You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view downloadable documents.

  • Whole Body Women’s Health // 125 K
  • 5 Habits For Healthy Living // 12 K
  • Detoxification Strategies For Optimum Health // 12 K
  • Home Grown Herbs For Health // 27 K
  • Understanding Estrogen Dominance // 11 K

Speaking Engagements

Bev has a passion to educate people about how natural medicine can improve their health and help them find physical and emotional balance. As a clear and enthusiastic communicator, Bev has had numerous speaking engagements in such nearby places as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario and in such faraway places such as Japan, Slovenia, Germany and Hungary. Bev welcomes the opportunity to speak to groups of 10 people or more on the nature and benefits of natural remedies and other health issues.


Bev’s approach includes many areas of health and healthy living. She supports:

  • Trauma resolution: Rubenfeld Synergy & conflict resolution strategies
  • Structural alignment: osteopathy, physiotherapy, pilates, yoga & craniosacral
  • Nervous system: neurofeedback & hypnotherapy
  • Holistic dentistry & palate broading/bite alignment therapy for TMJ
  • Community services: organic allergen-free food sources, organizational support, pet care