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Investing in your health is a big decision. I never want my clients to waste their time or money trying treatment after treatment that doesn’t hone in on the core issues that are currently limiting their sense of health and well being.

My diagnostic tools allow me to offer a real-time snapshot of what is happening inside your body. I can then target the key systems that are driving imbalance, and fast-forward the healing process.

REBA Testing at Maya natural health

What is the ETA Scan Device?

The ETA Scan is a combination software / hardware medical device that scans the energetic signature of each cell/tissue/organ group in your body. The device scans your body using a low emission, soft red laser and specialized neck sensor.

What is ETA-Scan Analysis?

The scan is non-invasive and takes between 15 and 20 min. An ETA-Scan device diagnoses specific imbalances within an organ system by measuring if these systems are in resonance or not.

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What is Darkfield Microscopy?

We have trillions of microbes inside our systems and a Darkfield Microscope provides the powerful magnification and light source needed to see these inside the blood. Our microbes work symbiotically with our cells to fuel every single function of our bodies. When everything is in balance, our microbes act as catalysts, facilitating chemical reactions that nourish us. When things are out of balance, they morph into pathogenic forms that harm our bodies.

The Value of DIAD Analysis?

Using a Darkfield Microscope, we take a drop of live blood, and combine it with bio-active developers. This allows us to fast forward patterns of dysfunction inside body and discover the roots of chronic illness for each individual.
These bio-active substances act like photographic developers that show a snapshot from a person’s future. If a situation were to run its course, full steam ahead without being addressed, we can witness the outcome.

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Darkfield Microscopy at Maya Natural Health
EAV Testing at Maya Natural Health

What is EAV Testing?

EAV is a needle-free acupuncture technique that tests the main organ meridian points on your hands and feet.

The Value of EAV

It’s fast and pain-free and it offers an overview of organ imbalances that are often the root cause of many health problems. These imbalances are often missed by many practitioners, and the information gained provides a way to systematically measure the health of each organ. EAV is a hands-on assessment tool for an affordable price. The report we produce will give you numerical values – an easy to read, quantifiable result that you can use to plot progress over time.

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