Resonance – a Basic Analogy

When trying to understand resonance, imagine a drop falling into a bowl of water. If the bowl is still, perfectly circular ripples flow outwards instantly. This is a great analogy for what happens inside cells when an organ system is in optimal health. When this occurs, the cells produce vibrations at a very specific frequency. Every cell in your body has an ideal vibration frequency, where it works best. We call this ideal state, its resonance. Signals from one cell are able to communicate with the whole system instantaneously, without disruption when the system is in resonance.

When the vibration of the organ system is out of this ideal frequency, communication between cells is laboured and imperfect. With our analogy, imagine that our bowl is on a table that is being shaken. The surface of the water is disrupted, and the ripples can’t emanate outwards efficiently.

Understanding Resonance Structure – Picture vs Hologram

When we imagine a heartbeat on a hospital monitor, this is a 2 dimensional wave with peaks and valleys with each beat. In reality, the heart (an organ) is creating a 3 dimensional wave all the time. We can picture this like a wave in the ocean and the structure of this wave shape would be a more accurate and detailed way to represent what the heart is doing. If we imagine taking a snapshot in time of an ocean wave, the heart would have a very particular wave shape, which we call its resonance structure.

A team of Russian scientists scanned large numbers of people from all walks of life to determine the ideal resonance structure for each organ system. This set of data serves as a reference. We can compare your results against what is “normal” or ideal.

Organ Systems as Communities

If you imagine a small town where one neighbour gets sick, others will pitch in and cut his grass or pick up his groceries. This is what happens within the cells of an organ system. If one cell is not resonating at the appropriate frequency, it’s not contributing to the overall function of the system. Other cells will compensate and things will continue to get done. However, when more and more cells are not contributing, it puts more strain on the ones that are.

When 80% of the cells are out of resonance, this is like a town disaster, like a plague or a fire. When the vast majority of the community members are in trouble, there’s no one to pick up the slack. Within an organ system, this is when we would see results that will show up on blood tests or diagnostic imaging such as an MRI. With this testing method, we don’t have to wait for the disaster to strike. We can see it coming when the resonance structure is out of whack.

The Value of ETAScan Analysis

The ETAScan device contains a database of the ideal resonance structures of each organ system. Each human body is generating it’s own unique combination of resonance structures. These can be scanned and measured by the device. These measurements create a kind of map that allows us to compare what’s happening inside the body to the body’s ideal function.


Many of my patients are surprised to find that their resonance structures within an organ system have been impacted by disrupting factors from their past. For example, let’s say, you had a microbe in your digestive system like Helicobacter pylori, that was causing ulcers, and you took a remedy which should have resolved this issue. You might report that your gut has never been the same since, even though on the surface it looks like your treatment was a success. Using this example, the microbe may have changed the resonance structure of the cells in your digestive system and they haven’t changed back. The vibration has become stuck outside of its ideal resonance.

It’s Like Star Trek!

Not only does the ETAScan device provide a great picture of what is out of balance, but it also has a database of potential solutions or remedies that would correct the imbalances. It will rank these options in order of what is most effective.

The device can also create homeopathic remedies. These are antidote vibrations to the factors contributing to the disturbance to the organ system. They are created by a laser, and can be put into a liquid and taken in drop doses under the tongue. We use these until the symptoms resolve.

When we look at the example of a patient whose digestion has “never been the same” since contact with a microbe, the ETAScan device can isolate the lingering frequency of the microbe, and create a counter-frequency that will cancel the signal out. When the remedy is taken, the cells can return to their ideal resonance structure.

An ETAScan Analysis Session

The patient sits in a chair and the medical device uses a low emission, soft red laser and specialized neck sensor to scan the body. There is no sensation for the patient and this takes about 15 – 20 minutes. Each scan is different. The machine will scan longer, and in more detail, if it finds a more extreme imbalance in a particular area. The data needs to be analysed, and then a 2nd appointment is scheduled to go through the results and discuss the individualized treatment plan.

ETAScan Analysis – Plus Example

Each readout is unique. It takes the practitioner 2 -3 hours to analyse the results. For example, I had a patient who has a connective tissue disorder. Membranes in her body lost their flexibility and tightened. This meant the lung tissue became less flexible and it became hard to breathe. The skin tissue tightened and made movement difficult and her digestion was compromised. Overall, the patient had a lack of energy, reduced mobility and chronic pain.

The ETAScan results for this patient showed that several organ systems were imbalanced and there were multiple factors that were contributing to the deterioration of the connective tissues. With membrane issues, I would always treat the gut but the data that I got from the ETAScan allowed me to see that it was specifically severe dysfunction of the gallbladder, and the kidneys that were driving her condition.

ETAScan Analysis Treatment – Example

I treated her with custom formulations of homeopathics, herbal tinctures, and medicinal broths. Within a month, she reported an increase in energy, overall flexibility and a decrease in pain. She was so pleased to find herself being able to get outside and work in the garden, clean out her spice rack and manage tasks that she had been putting off for years.

Benefits from ETA-Scan

The device is useful for anyone, but especially shines when a patient comes in with a complex issue that has not been addressed by other treatments. Here we can really see the value of having detailed information on how symptoms can be understood at the root cause level and addressed successfully.

The ETAScan device contains both hardware and software components. The databases inside this technology are so extensive, that other diagnostic tools pale in comparison. Not only do other tools miss vital pieces of information that this device can record, but it also allows us to see specifically what solutions will be effective. Because this technology has so many capabilities, this tool has become the mainstay of my practice.

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The device was pioneered in Russia, by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) to enable cosmonauts to diagnose and treat their own conditions in space. Then the device was further developed in Austria, in order to adapt it towards use in a clinical setting. Much of the information that has been translated into English is highly technical and may be confusing, however the ETA-Scan is widely used in Europe, by over 3000 practitioners.

Bio Resonance Scanning

With Richard Hark at Finlandia Pharmacy

A Good Resource Book:

“The Field” by Lynn McTaggart

Note on Terms: This technology can be searched using these terms: ETAScan, ETA-Scan, ETA Scan. We’ve tried to use all 3 in hopes of making our information accessible to all.

Note on REBA Testing

ETAScan testing has largely eclipsed both REBA and EAV testing. There are certain clients that still prefer these other diagnostic tools, or certain situations where these tools are cost effective.

More info on REBA Testing here