Health Consultations at maya natural health

Before your first appointment

  • We will ask you to complete a food diary, documenting everything that you eat and drink for three days.
  • Please bring all current supplements and medications.
  • Please bring any current test results, e.g., blood tests.

1st Consultation

This “Discovery Session” is 15 – 30 min and can be done over Skype, Facetime or on the phone. This conversation is meant to clarify if we are compatible in working together towards your health goals. At this time, Bev may recommend additional testing be completed prior to your Second Consultation, so that we have the necessary information to get started.

2nd Consultation

The consultation is approximately two hours. By reviewing your medical history, your food diary, current supplements, medications and test results, we begin the process of assessing your health and your health concerns. Together, we create a health management plan for you to follow, including appropriate herbal remedies.

3rd Consultation

During your second consultation two weeks later, we review your health, any concerns, and revise your health management plan accordingly.

Subsequent Consultations

The number of subsequent appointments varies depending on your situation.

Our Dispensary

Maya Natural Health has more than 300 plants and herbal medicines in its dispensary. By stocking our own supplements, we ensure they are of the best quality and can thus better influence our patients’ health.