There are 2 main modalities that I use to address Spiritual Rejuvenation. These both represent my overall approach as they combine science and nature in their healing methods.

Spiritual Rejuvenation

Emotional Origins of Disease

For those of us who have experienced emotional traumas, we know how much these experiences can affect us. Symptoms range from insomnia, to actual physical pain. In fact, any physical symptom can be related to emotional trauma because our distress is triggering our sympathetic nervous system.


I use the REBA testing method and Psychokinesiology.

Our Spiritual Rejuvenation Package

Discovery Session: 30 min

  • Consultation and Goal Setting

In Depth Session – Including Preliminary Testing: 120 min


  • Medical History Consultation


  • REBA Testing
  • Psychokinesiology Testing
  • Review of Testing, and Current Symptoms


  • 1 Month Management Plan
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Applicable Supplements – rebalancing nervous system

Take Aways:

  • Custom Medicinal Broth – focused on specific organs
  • Applicable Exercises
  • Applicable Recipes

Therapy Sessions: 3 X 45 – 60 min
Bio Resonance Treatments focused on:

  • Rejuvenation of Autonomic Nervous System
  • Processing of Emotional Trauma – remove blockage
  • Support of Detoxification Organs – kidney, liver and digestion
  • Elimination of Toxins