Menopause Diagnosis

At Maya Natural Health, we believe all health mysteries are solvable. But if you’ve been experiencing unusual or severe symptoms, arriving at a menopause diagnosis can require teamwork and perseverance.

Bev Maya is a medical herbalist with a strong background in science and medicine. She likes to get to the bottom of things using an eclectic mix of natural solutions and has been focused on menopause diagnosis in unusual and severe cases through her practice at Maya Natural Health, her affiliation with Westcoast Women’s clinic and through her frequent speaking engagements to the public as well as to other healthcare professionals.

Don’t put your health at the end of your to do list. We’ve seen our patients live much happier lives when they feel well.


Menopause Treatment

At Maya Natural Health, menopause holistic treatment is founded on an eclectic mix of testing methods, remedies and treatments designed to individualize programs beyond what would be considered the “standard” approach. This process delves deep and wide, in order to diagnose and resolve severe and unusual menopausal symptoms.

Consistent with this approach towards deep investigation, our clinic is set up with state of the art, biological medicine lab equipment in order to read body imbalances at the accuracy of the cellular level.

Digestive health is considered to be the foundation for hormonal / immune and nervous system health and, as such, is given careful consideration throughout our diagnostic process.

Resolving unusual or severe menopausal symptoms

Medical practitioners know that normalizing reproductive hormones with natural remedies or bio-identical hormones, for many, does not resolve unusual or severe menopausal symptoms over the long term. The same can be true for PMS.

At Maya Natural Health, we support physicians, naturopaths, pharmacists, chiropractors and other medical practitioners in their efforts to demystify these complex conditions:

  • Bev Maya works in collaboration with several local Medical Doctors that help women achieve optimal health and wellness during midlife. If your clinic is located in the Vancouver area and you would like to build this type of partnership, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can work together.
  • Bev Maya also offers informative classes, seminars and webinars tailored to the needs of medical practitioners interested in exploring the relationships between reproductive hormone imbalance and root dysfunctions.
  • Fact sheets, DVDs and other educational materials have been made available on our website for medical practitioners to download for their patients.
  • High quality, effective professional supplements have been made available in our online store. If you wish to have access to these products, please contact us and we will provide you with a password for your clinic.