Connected Approach

Our processes are based on Bev Maya’s unique approach, as both medical herbalist and scientist, with experience in natural remedies, pharmaceuticals and medical research. Our approach is rooted in a deep analysis of the connections between the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems. Trusting that you would know yourself best, the process is collaborative and begins with your own assessment of the origin of your condition.

We Include Your Doctor

We provide continuity of care with one practitioner and, as many of our patients have been referred to us by physicians, we coordinate progress with the referring clinic.


In addition to her work at the Maya Natural Health clinic, Bev is also a passionate, highly praised, international speaker at medical conferences and colleges, on the topic of demystifying menopausal mysteries.

Testimonials from Collaborating Colleagues

“Westcoast Women’s Clinic has been working closely with Bev Maya since its inception in 2002. Bev has been a wonderful source of information and experience for our menopausal patients and also for gut health, macro and micro nutrients and liver metabolism with a natural perspective to balanced health. She is passionate about holistic health care and educating patients about the role of nutrition and prevention of disease. Bev brings energy, cutting edge information and a level-headed approach to both our patients and our medical team.”

Dr. Nishi Dhawan & Dr. Bal Pawa
Founders of West Coast Women’s Clinic for Hormone Health

I have had numerous opportunities to collaborate with Bev Maya over the past 4 years and have found her advice and treatment of a wide variety of disease processes invaluable. She is both intelligent and approachable and has a great working knowledge of alternative therapies. She has been a great asset for the management of my more complicated patients.

Janet Franiek, MD
Medical Doctor, West Coast Women’s Clinic for Hormone Health