Why is Fresh Best?

When foods are fresh, they contain many nutrients that form a “complex.” Along with essential vitamins and minerals, there are many “helper” nutrients that form a cohesive structure that is considered by the body to be a protein. The helper nutrients allow key nutrients to be readily absorbed and used efficiently within our cells.

Nutrition & GI Health

Why is Digestion Important?

In health, the digestive membrane is both a barrier and a filter. This highly selective filter continuously takes inventory of what is lacking in the body and what is available from the food we are providing. It acts as an uber-smart grocery shopper, picking out the best things to stock up our pantries.

The Challenge

The reality is that most of us don’t eat this way. We don’t take time to eat in a relaxed environment, and select great, nutrient rich foods at every meal. When we let nutrition slide again and again, our digestive membrane loses its ability to properly function. When this membrane is compromised, it loses its ability to filter out toxins, fluid, and even undigested food molecules. We all know the feeling this creates, the discomfort of bloating after a large heavy meal.

The Seed of Chronic Problems

This scenario is often the seed of chronic disease, and we can see the domino effect of our digestion not functioning. When the digestive membrane is compromised over time, your emergency response kicks in. Your stress hormones are raised, your nervous system goes into fight or flight response, and your digestive system becomes chronically inflamed. We can see the changes in your blood when this happens. Every organ system is affected by this because our blood carries all our nutrients in and all our toxins out.

The Good News

The good news is that proper nutrition has great power to improve your health overall. We start by removing the foods that your body sees as toxins, and provide the nutrition the digestive membrane needs to heal itself. Next, we rebuild the healthy bacteria that help to protect and nourish us. When we do this nutritional adjustment systematically, with science and healing in mind, our digestive membrane can return to is “Super Shopper” status, selecting only the best and rejecting the rest.

Our Nutrition & GI Health Package

Our 6 session package bundles together an in depth assessment, complete with a variety of testing methods, a 1 Month Management Plan and a series of treatments to address the issues we uncover.

Discovery Session: 30 min

  • Consultation and Goal Setting

Preliminary Testing: 60 min

  • DIAD Live Blood Analysis – Single Sample
  • Psychokinesiology or EAV Testing
  • 92 Food Intolerance Blood Test
  • Saliva Gluten Testing – SigA Gliaden

In Depth Session: 90 min


  • Medical History Consultation


  • Review of Testing, and Current Symptoms


  • 1 Month Management Plan
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Applicable Supplements – rebalancing intestinal flora

Take Aways:

  • Custom Medicinal Broth – focused on specific organs
  • pH Strips
  • Applicable Exercises
  • Applicable Recipes

Therapy Sessions: 3 X 45 – 60 min
Bio Resonance Treatments focused on:

  • Food Intolerance Reduction
  • Support of Detoxification Organs
  • Elimination of Toxins
“I have been Bev’s client for almost three years. I have worked with many natural  health providers over the past 25 years and Bev is truly one of the best! She is knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate. Through food sensitivity testing, Bev has provided me with a much greater understanding of the connection between food and my health challenges. I have gained improved health, particularly through her expertise with live blood testing.

I also appreciate Bev’s capacity for empathy, as well her ability to integrate several areas of knowledge. She provides care that is professional and compassionate. Thank you Bev.”

Leslie, GI Health Patient

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