Standard Paradigm

We all know that the immune system is essential to our health. We tend to describe it as “An Army” that protects us from the Outside World.

Deep Cleanse and Immune Boost

Limitations of this Approach

When we view our bodies as being separate from our environment, we have already created an “Us and Them” mentality. The problem with this belief is that it triggers a defensive response on a biological level, negatively impacting our hormone, digestive and nervous systems. This defensive or “High Alert” position is actually counter to healing because healing takes place when the body feels safe.


We all know that our health improves when we are well nourished, well rested, and relaxed. These things take place in relation to the outside world, as we manage our stress, our nutrition and our relationship with our environment. Deep healing of chronic health issues is optimized when we look at our immunity as directly linked with our surroundings. Real immunity is when our bodies quickly respond and adapt to our ever changing environment. When we create a perspective where we are intrinsically connected to the environment as our partner in a symbiotic relationship, we have the potential to create lasting health.

Expert Perspective

“We really shouldn’t call it the immune system at all because no living thing on Earth has ever actually been immune from its surroundings. If you closely study living cells you’ll discover that some of the most amazing biological machinery – like the tiny mitochondria that manufacture the chemical energy we need to run our bodies – actually began as external, independent bacteria that entered our ancestors’ bodies and weren’t destroyed. Instead they were tolerated, cultivated, and over eons of time fully integrated into our cells. They became a fundamental part of us and we literally couldn’t survive without them.”
The Myth of Immunity
by Stuart Greene

Our Deep Cleanse and Immune Boost Package

Discovery Session: 30 min

  • Consultation and Goal Setting

Preliminary Testing: 60 min

  • DIAD Live Blood Analysis – Full Panel
  • Psychokinesiology or EAV Testing

In Depth Session: 90 min


  • Medical History Consultation


  • Review of Testing, and Current Symptoms


  • 1 Month Management Plan
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Applicable Supplements – rebalancing intestinal flora

Take Aways:

  • Custom Medicinal Broth – focused on specific organs
  • pH Strips
  • Applicable Exercises
  • Applicable Recipes

Therapy Sessions: 3 X 45 -60 min

Bio Resonance Treatments focused on:

  • Support of Detoxification Organs
  • Elimination of Toxins – removal of stored metabolic and environmental toxins
  • Food Intolerance Reduction