1. Whole Food Nutrition: All Supplements are not Created Equally

The old adage goes, “ you are what you eat”. It makes us who we are from the inside out. Not so many years ago, people ate food that they grew from their garden or bought from their local farmer. Nutrients that fuel our bodies are housed in those foods. Can we maintain health with good nutrition alone? Which supplements are the best to take and why?

Bev will attempt to clarify these issues in her audio-visual presentation entitled, “Whole Food Nutrition: All Supplements are not Created Equally”.

2. Adrenal Health: Stressed Out?

North American culture demands us to “go go go” all the time. More is expected of us at work and home than ever before. Most of our daily activities stimulate our automatic stress response. Once the stress response is triggered, our healing mechanisms are shut off. Sleep, digestion, and calm thinking is profoundly disrupted.

The adrenal gland is the organ that is responsible for keeping you “up to the challenge”. When the adrenal gland is continuously stimulated, it can “crash”, causing conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. In the DVD entitled, “Adrenal Health: Stressed Out?”, Bev further expands on how life choices can lead to adrenal exhaustion, how overall hormone balance can be profoundly effected and how to reverse the process.

3. Thyroid dysfunction: No get up and go?

Do you ever wonder where all of your energy went? Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight even though you are conscious of what you eat? Lack of energy is the most common complaint seen by Bev in her natural medicine practice today.

The thyroid gland is paramount in determining the “idle” at which our body runs. This “idle” can be turned down when the body perceives a need for conservation. In the audio-visual presentation entitled, “Thyroid dysfunction: No get up and go?, Bev explains how many factors such as diet regimes, stress and overall hormonal imbalance can profoundly impact thyroid activity.

4. Insulin Balance: Sweet Surrender

It has been said that, when a woman eats chocolate, it stimulates the production of the same brain chemicals as being “in love”. Perhaps we are all “craving” to be loved more, causing us to eat more sugar. The pancreas is the gland that secretes insulin, whose role is to help manage blood sugar. Dietary choices, stress, and estrogen balance can contribute to changes in insulin balance. In the audio-visual presentation, “ Insulin Balance: Sweet Surrender”, Bev will explain the connection between stress and insulin imbalance and provides tangible natural solutions to maintaining healthy insulin balance.

Demystifiying Women’s Midlife Hormonal Imbalance: the Endocrine Symphony
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